Our Story

If You Love it Keep it Wild

It is easy to take for granted the natural beauty of a place like Point Reyes – to assume that this beautiful piece of the California coast has always been like this and will always be there for us. The truth is that its existence and our access to it are the result of a long fought battle involving public, governmental and commercial interests – a battle that raged over decades and that the public interests just barely won.

On one level it was a battle between native species and cattle brought in to be ranched, and that battle is far from over. A compromise to garner political support in Washington for this parkland allowed ranchers who were well paid to leave, and who took that money, to stay on for decades with below market level leases and grazing rights.

The result has been reduced living space for the native tule elk including reduced access to water which has resulted in terrible deaths from thirst in times of drought. There has also been intense pollution of waterways leading down to the ocean.

Reclaim and Restore Point Reyes is devoted to preserving and promoting the life of the elk and other native species of animals and plants. This goal is incompatible with the maintenance of large ranching properties within the park. We hope you will join us in this effort and spread the word.