How You Can Help

Save the Tule Elk and Restore Point Reyes

Although the public has made its voice heard in favor of saving the elk and removing ranchers from the park, the National Park Service (NPS) has yet to respond adequately. Understanding the political, social, and economic forces behind this delay can be complex. However, increasing public support for a native-species and hiker-oriented park is crucial for creating positive change.


Contact Key Descision Makers

Provide your support for the reclamation and restoration of Point Reyes National Seashore and emphasize the importance of protecting native species and natural habitats.

Secretary Deb Haaland →

Voice your concerns to the National Park Service to encourage environmental protection of Point Reyes National Seashore and restoration of native habitats.

NPS Director Charles Sams →

Advocate for increased support and resources to reclaim and restore Point Reyes National Seashore for the struggling flora and fauna in this amazingly beautiful area.

Superintendent Craig Kenkel →

All donations support Reclaim and Restore Point Reyes efforts to protect, restore, and maintain the special environment and ecological balance at Point Reyes National Seashore.

Donate to RRPR →

Support Environmental Organizations

Western Watersheds Project

Support their mission by donating through their website to help protect and restore western watersheds and wildlife habitats. You can also participate in advocacy campaigns and stay informed via their mailing list.

Advocates of the West

Donate or get involved by visiting their donation page to support their legal efforts in protecting public lands and wildlife across the western United States. You can also volunteer or join their newsletter for updates.

Center for Biological Diversity

Contribute to their environmental protection efforts by donating on their website. You can also get involved by signing petitions, joining volunteer programs, and staying updated through their action alerts and newsletters.

Your actions can help ensure that Point Reyes National Seashore remains a refuge for native plants and wildlife. By participating in advocacy, supporting environmental organizations, and donating to Reclaim Restore Point Reyes, you contribute to the preservation and restoration of this vital natural habitat.