Eric Mayer


Eric Mayer is an avid hiker and a passionate advocate for the natural wonders of the Point Reyes National Seashore. His deep connection to the area is driven by his particular fondness for the native tule elk, which he has spent years observing and studying. Eric’s appreciation for Point Reyes extends beyond recreational enjoyment; he is dedicated to understanding and preserving its unique ecosystems.

Eric holds a PhD in Environmental Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology from Stanford University, where his research focused on the intricate dynamics of water flow and its interaction with various environmental factors. His academic journey equipped him with a profound understanding of the hydrological processes that sustain the delicate balance of ecosystems like those in Point Reyes.

Throughout his career, Eric has combined his scientific expertise with his environmental advocacy. He has conducted extensive research on the impacts of cattle ranching on the streams and waterways that traverse the Point Reyes peninsula, shedding light on how these agricultural practices affect water quality and the broader ecosystem. His findings have been instrumental in informing conservation efforts and promoting sustainable land use practices within the National Seashore.

Currently residing in Sonoma, Eric works at a biochar company where he continues to apply his environmental knowledge to innovative solutions for soil health and carbon sequestration. His role involves developing and implementing biochar technologies that improve soil fertility, enhance water retention, and contribute to climate change mitigation.

Eric’s commitment to environmental preservation is reflected in his advisory role at Reclaim and Restore Point Reyes (RRPR). He provides invaluable insights into the hydrological and ecological challenges facing the area, advocating for the protection of native species and the restoration of natural habitats. His expertise helps guide RRPR’s strategies and initiatives, ensuring that they are grounded in sound scientific principles. His efforts aim to inspire collective action towards preserving this vital natural landscape for future generations.

Eric Mayer’s blend of scientific acumen, hands-on environmental work, and dedication to advocacy makes him a pivotal figure in the ongoing efforts to reclaim and restore Point Reyes National Seashore. His passion for the tule elk and the broader ecosystem underscores his commitment to ensuring that this precious natural area remains a thriving habitat for all its native species.